Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I got a good Bike ride workout in.. I went 10 1/2 miles then later went with my kids another 1 3/4 mile so good workout..

My son decided he wanted to go running with me today on my route.. We decided not to go to the track today and just stay around home. I was going during the hour that I have to wait before I can eat so I didnt have the fuel I think I needed. Austin however had just barely gotten done eating so I wasnt sure how he was going to do either.. It was alot more humid today so it felt really warm and sticky outside. We should have left earlier. We warmed up by walking the first almost half a mile then we started running we made it about 1 1/4 miles and decided to stop and stretch. I knew he was getting really tired and struggeling a little. We were only able to go about another almost 1/4 mile and he said his side was hurting and had to stop and walk so we walked a while then picked back up to running but wasnt able to go about a block then had to stop and walk. He decided to head back home and I decided to keep going a little longer. So I ran the rest of my planned route once I dropped him off at our street. Today there was no gliding it was all effort.. My leg was a little sore I think from doing weights yesterday. I think it irritated it a little plus my knee was a little sore as well as my outer hill on my foot.. It was weird I had never felt pain in my side of hill like that. Other then my knee by the time it was time to quit I had most of my aches and pains loosened up but I knew I needed to quit if I was going to be able to walk tonight.. And now I'm having a little bit of pain in my right leg just under my knee on the inner side where I had my injury on the other leg. So now I am getting a little worried. I am wearing ice packs right now because I didnt do it earlier when I got home from my run and maybe thats why but I am hoping it will stop the pain and whatever may be going on with it.. Thats all I need is another bad shin splint or stress fracture in the other leg.. There's no way I can go another 2 months without running. guess I will watch and see.. It kinda makes me wonder why I am having such a hard time with injurys right now.. It seems when I first started all i had was problems with my knees which was a given with my 2 surgerys on my knee and the really tight muscles i have but since going to physical therapy and trying to strengthen them up now I am getting injurys everywhere else.. What is up with that???? I bought new shoes and my muscles have gotten alot more flexible but for some reason I'm having probs.. Aaarrghh this is so frustrating. there was one point where I had felt like my knees were much better and my legs were great and I was running anywhere's from 6-10 miles now I run half that and have pains..

Owell maybe I am making more out of it then it is.. Maybe my legs are just a little worn out from the weights I did yesterday on them and I should have not ran today but instead rested.. I went back to where I was doing physical therapy yesterday and used their weights to do the exercises I was doing when I was doing P.T that I am supposed to be continuing to do but havn't with my parents visiting and all the vacationing we were doing and the leg injury. Maybe being my first day back to doing all the weights was a little hard on them and I should have rested.
So I have a question to you experts out there....... If I am doing weights on tues and thurs. Do I run the same days before or do i run the day after. Does my rest days mean no running and maybe just biking or how should I do it????? I thought when I was reading my book it said run like every other day with cross training in between like biking and weights but maybe I misunderstood... Maybe its better to run, do weights then bike the next day or rest with no activity..
Any tips????
Anyways it was really fun to have my buddy with me today. Makes running funner.. Hope he continues to want to go with me.

Total miles today 4.33 (W) 1.14 (R) 3.19


Jen said...

You're doing so good! I know how you feel about being sore when running. It stinks! I would always do my hard runs on the same days as weights (weights following the run) and then rest or cross train on the days inbetween. I just couldn't handle running with really sore legs. I also started doing the weights early in the week so that they weren't sore for sure on my long run days. Just a thought...although I'm no expert! It's just what worked for me. I hope your injuries all work themselves out!