Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming Back

Well I decided to run today. I just couldnt stand it anymore.. I thought I would start out really slow and try to work my way back. I put a heating pad on my leg today hoping it would loosen it up a bit and I didnt do any stretches before hoping that what I have read on not stretching until the middle or end of your run actually worked. I hopped on the treadmill and speed walked a half a mile then started a slow run for another half mile. Then I stopped and did some stretching hoping that it would be enough. I was really worried about my leg but the last couple days it has felt pretty good so I thought i would give it a shot. I headed out and started out real slow, Just a real light run. I could feel my leg a little bit but not too bad. I figured I should keep things real slow for a while and not worry about distance or time for a while and just worry on wether or not i could even run without causing more problems. I had a little bit of pain in the bottom of my knee but i also wasnt wearing any of my bands so not to bad considering. I ran another 2.59 miles and decided to call it quits.. I felt a little twinging in my leg and in my knee so when I got home i got ice on both of them hoping that would work. I figured by tonight i would know if I was again to premature on running on my leg.

Well tonight my leg is a little sore but not like it has been in the past with running on it.. So I am hoping that it is finally healing and i didnt make anything worse.. Its definently been long enough.. I'v had it now for about 1 1/2 months. It should have been healed by now and probably would have had i not tried running on it every 2 weeks.. so I am really hoping that it will only get better from here on out. I figure if I start all over so to say with keeping my miles down for a while and just run at an easy pace maybe i can work my way back to where I was.. I plan tomorrow to just bike and let it rest then i will try running again on Weds.. Oh I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It has been so hard not to be out there.... Physically I think I did good. I was able to run the whole time and I felt good and wasnt out of breath so even though I have only ran twice in a months time physically Im still doing ok. It's just my body that went to pot after this month + of no running and no dieting with my parents here. I definently have my work cut out for me...

So here's to a new start. Praying everything goes smoothly. It felt so good to get out and run again.

Total miles 3.59 1 mile warm up 15 mins... 2.59 run 25 min


Jen said...

It takes a lot of discipline not to run when you want to! You've done so well! But I'm glad you're able to get back into it. With all the biking you've been doing, I'm sure that you haven't lost any cardio. When you're totally healed I'll bet you'll slip right back where you were before. I'm glad it's getting better!