Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I finally got back to the Dr's yesterday. I have stopped my physical therapy now due to insurance so I have kinda fallen off the wagon as far as my exercises go for my knees and legs.. Once my parents came out and we went on vacation my excercises that i'v been doing for therapy went down the drain.. I was short on time yesterday so I only got in 2.3 miles on the treadmill. My leg has still been bothering me a bit. After talking to the Dr. again we are kinda thinking it may not be a shin splint after all because of the time its taking to heal.. He wants me to kinda watch it a little longer because Im just starting to notice some slight improvement so he said even if its slow its good so as far as running is concerned I am just supposed to start out as if I have never ran before and only do it a couple times a week and short distances and slowly build back up to where I was.. He also wants me to run on a track or grass for a while so I think I will start maybe going down to the track at the highschool.. It's kinda out of the way for me and more of a burden but if it will help for a while I guess its worth a try.. He said if I dont notice it getting better or if it starts getting worse that it's probably a stress fracture that is not good because it can lead into an actual fracture which I would not be able to walk on at all.. so he said if this is the case I will have to take off 2-3 months from running and do something else until it heals.... gosh it has been so hard with the 6 weeks of doing very little running now that I cant imagine taking off 2-3 months doing absolutley no running..

He also said there is a spot just under the knee that is the size of a silver dollar that can get bursitis in it and if that is what is going on they can give me some cortizone shots in it to help and I still would have to rest the leg.. Either way this is no fun and I am not down with the stop running idea!!! I am just praying that it is just taking a real long time to heal what ever it is but that I am on my way up and will start to be able to build back up and get to where i was when all this happened.. You know it was bad enough when I was batteling with my knee but now my leg too.. It almost makes me wonder if I am not supposed to be running.. I'm just hoping that maybe I was just a little haste in my training and was jumping the gun a bit to much running the distances I was to soon. But I cant imagine now after finding out how good it makes me feel and that I can actually do it and be pretty good at it that quitting is an option. Maybe a setback for a while but I will keep trying.. Anyways I am supposed to give it a little more time then if it still isnt getting better I have to go get a MRI done.. So for now I will keep doing what I am doing and run every couple of days low miles and maybe start heading to the track and will just have to watch it..


Jen said...

Well at least there's hope for you running again. I know how hard it is to wait for things to heal. It's frustrating. But you're a natural runner! Take it easy, find something else you can do to give your leg a break while you build back up your mileage. I hope it all works out! Good luck!