Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Running Buddy

I havn't had a chance for a while to get out and run so today I couldnt wait to get out there.. I havn't had any pain in my leg for a couple of days so I thought it was time to get out there. Of course upon waking this morning I could feel it a little.. I swear it's psychological.. Its like my mind knew it was going to run today so it started feeling the pain. Owell I paid no attention and decided to take all my kids and head to the highschool to run around the track while they played. I should have left alot earlier then I did. When I woke up it was still overcast some and it was still wet from lastnights rain and cool so it was perfect running temp, but by the time I got all my kids fed and ready and got the heating pad on my leg for a while it was already 9:00 and had warmed up alot and the sun came out.. I have a hard time getting a good schedule.. I have a medication that has to be taken on an empty stomach 1 hr before a meal so I try and take it as soon as I get up then have breakfast an hour later.. I should have gone running during that hour I was waiting but because my kids were not ready and I had to heat my leg for a while that by the time I was ready to go it had been an hour and was time to eat. I didnt want to go running without eating so I had to eat some then of course you dont want to run immediatly after eating so it is really hard to get a decent schedule out of all this...

Anyways I did leave as soon as I ate and figured I would have a few mins anyways to gather my water and I pod and load the kids up and drive there and that would have to be long enough.. I walked 1/2 mile for warm up and ran another 1/2 mile then did some stretching and continued my run.. My kids tried running a little ways with me but ended up pooping out shortly into it and found it was much better to play and ride their scooters. Logan however ran 1/2 mile with me I couldnt believe it she is only 4.. I couldnt believe she did that then towards the end my son decided to join me and he ran 1 1/2 mile with me staying right with me at my pace. He was awesome.. I think I found a new running buddy.. I told him if he kept coming out with me and building up he could come do my routes with me and we could run in a 5k together. He was pretty hiped up about it all and came home and ran 1 more mile around the block. I think I got some naturals in the family.... Of course his karate training has him really conditioned so he kinda had an advantage... But the 1 1/2 miles he ran with me made the time go so much quicker for me I would love for him to build up his distance and come with me on my runs.. It's great having a partner.. Its 4:20 pm He just asked if he could go run around the block again... I told him he should wait and gradually ease into this running stuff so he's not to sore tonight, but he said its just so fun.. So he's off again.. LOL

I however did not like running on the track as well.. Yes the ground was softer and less impact for my leg and knees which is what I need on my recovery back from my injury but it was so boring and the scenery never changed and there were no shadey trees to run under like my routes on the road.. It made the time drag out alot longer. Plus it was alot hotter too with the black track and no shade. My little logan she is so fair skinned and her face was bright red and she was just sweating. She has a hard time in the sun. She gets really red and sweats more then most kids do.. My leg did do much better though today and I came home and iced it and I have no pain what so ever right now so we will see what tonight brings but I think it will be good so maybe for now I will have to put up with the track.. Maybe I can alternate every couple of days.

It felt so good to get out and run today.. I didnt think so at first.. The first 2 miles I was kinda out of breath and not feeling as good as I hoped. Probably running on a full stomach without the energy absorbtion..... This not running very often is taking a tole on me, but by mile 3 I'm not sure what happened whether my breakfast energy kicked in or the energy water I had drank right before something but all of a sudden I had this tingling through my body. A really good tingling feeling. It would be hard to imagine or describe unless your a runner and have experienced this before but its like all the muscles in your body all of a sudden become one and they all work together giving you this rhythem. Instead of it being an effort to run there is no effort at all and you feel great and instead of feeling like you are running you feel like you are gliding. It's effortless and it feels so good.. I knew my body was finally warmed up and going good and had a great rhythm going on, but I was having some pain in my knee and I knew I had to stop and call it quits to make sure my leg heals and I dont push it to much to fast. The dr. told me to gradually build back up to where I had left off which was around 6-8 miles a day so I decided to stop. But it was amazing it felt great and I havn't felt that good running in a long time.. I walked a lap around for a cool down and headed home.

My plan is to run Mon, Weds and Fri with biking and weights on tues and thurs. Schedule pemitting. Hoping this will get me back into things.

So for totals today with my warm up and cool down I walked total 1 mile and ran 3 1/2 miles for a total distance of 4 1/2 miles.. Not to bad...