Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Waiting

Well i still havn't been able to do much running.. I tried running back on the 17th and still my leg wasnt doing to hot and then i tried it again while I was at the cayman island it felt pretty good running but by that night i could hardly walk. I give up... I dont think this is a shin splint or if it is it is really taking a long long time to heal. I am getting so frustrated. I so want to be back out there running. My body really misses the feeling, and the uphoria of it.. I have been biking though.. My dad has been visiting and he is a big biker so we have been pedaling it and he has been kicking my butt at it.. It has been good for me.. Although I hate to have my dad show me up...I meet with the Dr. again on the 22nd and hope to come up with some more awnsers to this leg problem. I dont know how much longer i can take of not being able to run.. My body has lost its stamina and iv started putting the pounds back on.. Of course it didnt help being off the diet while my parents have been visiting. Hopefully I'll get back on my routines and hopefully soon I will be able to start running again..