Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Hot

Yesterday my leg was still hurting a little and I had so many things going on that i didnt get anything in for excercising. So I got up early to take steve to the train station and thought i would get my run in before it got to hot.. I came home and decided to put a heating pad around my leg hoping it would help loosen it up because it was still twinging a little. so by the time I finally left to run it was already 8:00 and very warm outside.. Thank heavens we have alot of trees here to make the roads shady.. I speed walked almost a mile then started doing an easy run. I stoped about 1 1/2 miles into it to try stretching a little and see if I could get my leg to loosen more.. I had my bands on my knee so it was doing ok, a little sore but not to bad and my leg was twinging a little but nothing i couldnt handle and nothing like it used to when I would try and run on it, so I think its improving as long as I dont over do it. I am seriously thinking I might have had a stress fracture.. I was reading my book about the diffrence between a shin splint and a stress fracture in the same area and my symptoms sound a little more like the fracture given the time that it has taken to heal.

There was one spot today I had to stop and walk about a half a block but was able to run the rest and then walked the last .25 miles for a cool down. So not to bad today. I got in a total 4.64 miles with walking about 1.25 of it. I came home and iced the knee and leg and will then heat them up hoping it will help. We will see what tonight brings... I think I need to get an earlier start if I am going to continue running outside. It was so hot so early. By the time I finished I was just dripping wet. YUCK!!!
I think I will try and get some biking in tonight after it cools down a little..