Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I got a good Bike ride workout in.. I went 10 1/2 miles then later went with my kids another 1 3/4 mile so good workout..

My son decided he wanted to go running with me today on my route.. We decided not to go to the track today and just stay around home. I was going during the hour that I have to wait before I can eat so I didnt have the fuel I think I needed. Austin however had just barely gotten done eating so I wasnt sure how he was going to do either.. It was alot more humid today so it felt really warm and sticky outside. We should have left earlier. We warmed up by walking the first almost half a mile then we started running we made it about 1 1/4 miles and decided to stop and stretch. I knew he was getting really tired and struggeling a little. We were only able to go about another almost 1/4 mile and he said his side was hurting and had to stop and walk so we walked a while then picked back up to running but wasnt able to go about a block then had to stop and walk. He decided to head back home and I decided to keep going a little longer. So I ran the rest of my planned route once I dropped him off at our street. Today there was no gliding it was all effort.. My leg was a little sore I think from doing weights yesterday. I think it irritated it a little plus my knee was a little sore as well as my outer hill on my foot.. It was weird I had never felt pain in my side of hill like that. Other then my knee by the time it was time to quit I had most of my aches and pains loosened up but I knew I needed to quit if I was going to be able to walk tonight.. And now I'm having a little bit of pain in my right leg just under my knee on the inner side where I had my injury on the other leg. So now I am getting a little worried. I am wearing ice packs right now because I didnt do it earlier when I got home from my run and maybe thats why but I am hoping it will stop the pain and whatever may be going on with it.. Thats all I need is another bad shin splint or stress fracture in the other leg.. There's no way I can go another 2 months without running. guess I will watch and see.. It kinda makes me wonder why I am having such a hard time with injurys right now.. It seems when I first started all i had was problems with my knees which was a given with my 2 surgerys on my knee and the really tight muscles i have but since going to physical therapy and trying to strengthen them up now I am getting injurys everywhere else.. What is up with that???? I bought new shoes and my muscles have gotten alot more flexible but for some reason I'm having probs.. Aaarrghh this is so frustrating. there was one point where I had felt like my knees were much better and my legs were great and I was running anywhere's from 6-10 miles now I run half that and have pains..

Owell maybe I am making more out of it then it is.. Maybe my legs are just a little worn out from the weights I did yesterday on them and I should have not ran today but instead rested.. I went back to where I was doing physical therapy yesterday and used their weights to do the exercises I was doing when I was doing P.T that I am supposed to be continuing to do but havn't with my parents visiting and all the vacationing we were doing and the leg injury. Maybe being my first day back to doing all the weights was a little hard on them and I should have rested.
So I have a question to you experts out there....... If I am doing weights on tues and thurs. Do I run the same days before or do i run the day after. Does my rest days mean no running and maybe just biking or how should I do it????? I thought when I was reading my book it said run like every other day with cross training in between like biking and weights but maybe I misunderstood... Maybe its better to run, do weights then bike the next day or rest with no activity..
Any tips????
Anyways it was really fun to have my buddy with me today. Makes running funner.. Hope he continues to want to go with me.

Total miles today 4.33 (W) 1.14 (R) 3.19

Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Running Buddy

I havn't had a chance for a while to get out and run so today I couldnt wait to get out there.. I havn't had any pain in my leg for a couple of days so I thought it was time to get out there. Of course upon waking this morning I could feel it a little.. I swear it's psychological.. Its like my mind knew it was going to run today so it started feeling the pain. Owell I paid no attention and decided to take all my kids and head to the highschool to run around the track while they played. I should have left alot earlier then I did. When I woke up it was still overcast some and it was still wet from lastnights rain and cool so it was perfect running temp, but by the time I got all my kids fed and ready and got the heating pad on my leg for a while it was already 9:00 and had warmed up alot and the sun came out.. I have a hard time getting a good schedule.. I have a medication that has to be taken on an empty stomach 1 hr before a meal so I try and take it as soon as I get up then have breakfast an hour later.. I should have gone running during that hour I was waiting but because my kids were not ready and I had to heat my leg for a while that by the time I was ready to go it had been an hour and was time to eat. I didnt want to go running without eating so I had to eat some then of course you dont want to run immediatly after eating so it is really hard to get a decent schedule out of all this...

Anyways I did leave as soon as I ate and figured I would have a few mins anyways to gather my water and I pod and load the kids up and drive there and that would have to be long enough.. I walked 1/2 mile for warm up and ran another 1/2 mile then did some stretching and continued my run.. My kids tried running a little ways with me but ended up pooping out shortly into it and found it was much better to play and ride their scooters. Logan however ran 1/2 mile with me I couldnt believe it she is only 4.. I couldnt believe she did that then towards the end my son decided to join me and he ran 1 1/2 mile with me staying right with me at my pace. He was awesome.. I think I found a new running buddy.. I told him if he kept coming out with me and building up he could come do my routes with me and we could run in a 5k together. He was pretty hiped up about it all and came home and ran 1 more mile around the block. I think I got some naturals in the family.... Of course his karate training has him really conditioned so he kinda had an advantage... But the 1 1/2 miles he ran with me made the time go so much quicker for me I would love for him to build up his distance and come with me on my runs.. It's great having a partner.. Its 4:20 pm He just asked if he could go run around the block again... I told him he should wait and gradually ease into this running stuff so he's not to sore tonight, but he said its just so fun.. So he's off again.. LOL

I however did not like running on the track as well.. Yes the ground was softer and less impact for my leg and knees which is what I need on my recovery back from my injury but it was so boring and the scenery never changed and there were no shadey trees to run under like my routes on the road.. It made the time drag out alot longer. Plus it was alot hotter too with the black track and no shade. My little logan she is so fair skinned and her face was bright red and she was just sweating. She has a hard time in the sun. She gets really red and sweats more then most kids do.. My leg did do much better though today and I came home and iced it and I have no pain what so ever right now so we will see what tonight brings but I think it will be good so maybe for now I will have to put up with the track.. Maybe I can alternate every couple of days.

It felt so good to get out and run today.. I didnt think so at first.. The first 2 miles I was kinda out of breath and not feeling as good as I hoped. Probably running on a full stomach without the energy absorbtion..... This not running very often is taking a tole on me, but by mile 3 I'm not sure what happened whether my breakfast energy kicked in or the energy water I had drank right before something but all of a sudden I had this tingling through my body. A really good tingling feeling. It would be hard to imagine or describe unless your a runner and have experienced this before but its like all the muscles in your body all of a sudden become one and they all work together giving you this rhythem. Instead of it being an effort to run there is no effort at all and you feel great and instead of feeling like you are running you feel like you are gliding. It's effortless and it feels so good.. I knew my body was finally warmed up and going good and had a great rhythm going on, but I was having some pain in my knee and I knew I had to stop and call it quits to make sure my leg heals and I dont push it to much to fast. The dr. told me to gradually build back up to where I had left off which was around 6-8 miles a day so I decided to stop. But it was amazing it felt great and I havn't felt that good running in a long time.. I walked a lap around for a cool down and headed home.

My plan is to run Mon, Weds and Fri with biking and weights on tues and thurs. Schedule pemitting. Hoping this will get me back into things.

So for totals today with my warm up and cool down I walked total 1 mile and ran 3 1/2 miles for a total distance of 4 1/2 miles.. Not to bad...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I finally got back to the Dr's yesterday. I have stopped my physical therapy now due to insurance so I have kinda fallen off the wagon as far as my exercises go for my knees and legs.. Once my parents came out and we went on vacation my excercises that i'v been doing for therapy went down the drain.. I was short on time yesterday so I only got in 2.3 miles on the treadmill. My leg has still been bothering me a bit. After talking to the Dr. again we are kinda thinking it may not be a shin splint after all because of the time its taking to heal.. He wants me to kinda watch it a little longer because Im just starting to notice some slight improvement so he said even if its slow its good so as far as running is concerned I am just supposed to start out as if I have never ran before and only do it a couple times a week and short distances and slowly build back up to where I was.. He also wants me to run on a track or grass for a while so I think I will start maybe going down to the track at the highschool.. It's kinda out of the way for me and more of a burden but if it will help for a while I guess its worth a try.. He said if I dont notice it getting better or if it starts getting worse that it's probably a stress fracture that is not good because it can lead into an actual fracture which I would not be able to walk on at all.. so he said if this is the case I will have to take off 2-3 months from running and do something else until it heals.... gosh it has been so hard with the 6 weeks of doing very little running now that I cant imagine taking off 2-3 months doing absolutley no running..

He also said there is a spot just under the knee that is the size of a silver dollar that can get bursitis in it and if that is what is going on they can give me some cortizone shots in it to help and I still would have to rest the leg.. Either way this is no fun and I am not down with the stop running idea!!! I am just praying that it is just taking a real long time to heal what ever it is but that I am on my way up and will start to be able to build back up and get to where i was when all this happened.. You know it was bad enough when I was batteling with my knee but now my leg too.. It almost makes me wonder if I am not supposed to be running.. I'm just hoping that maybe I was just a little haste in my training and was jumping the gun a bit to much running the distances I was to soon. But I cant imagine now after finding out how good it makes me feel and that I can actually do it and be pretty good at it that quitting is an option. Maybe a setback for a while but I will keep trying.. Anyways I am supposed to give it a little more time then if it still isnt getting better I have to go get a MRI done.. So for now I will keep doing what I am doing and run every couple of days low miles and maybe start heading to the track and will just have to watch it..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Hot

Yesterday my leg was still hurting a little and I had so many things going on that i didnt get anything in for excercising. So I got up early to take steve to the train station and thought i would get my run in before it got to hot.. I came home and decided to put a heating pad around my leg hoping it would help loosen it up because it was still twinging a little. so by the time I finally left to run it was already 8:00 and very warm outside.. Thank heavens we have alot of trees here to make the roads shady.. I speed walked almost a mile then started doing an easy run. I stoped about 1 1/2 miles into it to try stretching a little and see if I could get my leg to loosen more.. I had my bands on my knee so it was doing ok, a little sore but not to bad and my leg was twinging a little but nothing i couldnt handle and nothing like it used to when I would try and run on it, so I think its improving as long as I dont over do it. I am seriously thinking I might have had a stress fracture.. I was reading my book about the diffrence between a shin splint and a stress fracture in the same area and my symptoms sound a little more like the fracture given the time that it has taken to heal.

There was one spot today I had to stop and walk about a half a block but was able to run the rest and then walked the last .25 miles for a cool down. So not to bad today. I got in a total 4.64 miles with walking about 1.25 of it. I came home and iced the knee and leg and will then heat them up hoping it will help. We will see what tonight brings... I think I need to get an earlier start if I am going to continue running outside. It was so hot so early. By the time I finished I was just dripping wet. YUCK!!!
I think I will try and get some biking in tonight after it cools down a little..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Workout

I woke up and got out of bed and started walking and I thought oh ouch.. my leg was pretty sore. I thought crap I just made it worse.. However I went and did my biking this morning and got in 9 miles and came home and decided to but my heating pad on it and see if that would help. at first it felt just as bad but then it started feeling ok.. Like it had loosened up and wasnt to bad to walk on.. So I'm not sure if I should run tomorrow or not.. Its definently better then it was when I tried running before I just dont want to go back to that point. I guess I will see how it feels tomorrow and judge then. Maybe another day of biking then run on thursday... I wish I had an expert telling me just what I should be doing.. I go back into the Dr Next week so guess i will see what he thinks..
It felt really good to bike today.. My legs were even a little sore today so I know they got a good workout. I ride on the hardest gears the bike will go in no matter if I'm going up or down a hill. So I have to really stand up and dig in on the hills which about kills me but its a great feeling. Plus the hills around here are not to huge and often. I get a good work out though.. Maybe someday I'll be able to keep up with my dad.. LOL Your quite the biking stud dad!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming Back

Well I decided to run today. I just couldnt stand it anymore.. I thought I would start out really slow and try to work my way back. I put a heating pad on my leg today hoping it would loosen it up a bit and I didnt do any stretches before hoping that what I have read on not stretching until the middle or end of your run actually worked. I hopped on the treadmill and speed walked a half a mile then started a slow run for another half mile. Then I stopped and did some stretching hoping that it would be enough. I was really worried about my leg but the last couple days it has felt pretty good so I thought i would give it a shot. I headed out and started out real slow, Just a real light run. I could feel my leg a little bit but not too bad. I figured I should keep things real slow for a while and not worry about distance or time for a while and just worry on wether or not i could even run without causing more problems. I had a little bit of pain in the bottom of my knee but i also wasnt wearing any of my bands so not to bad considering. I ran another 2.59 miles and decided to call it quits.. I felt a little twinging in my leg and in my knee so when I got home i got ice on both of them hoping that would work. I figured by tonight i would know if I was again to premature on running on my leg.

Well tonight my leg is a little sore but not like it has been in the past with running on it.. So I am hoping that it is finally healing and i didnt make anything worse.. Its definently been long enough.. I'v had it now for about 1 1/2 months. It should have been healed by now and probably would have had i not tried running on it every 2 weeks.. so I am really hoping that it will only get better from here on out. I figure if I start all over so to say with keeping my miles down for a while and just run at an easy pace maybe i can work my way back to where I was.. I plan tomorrow to just bike and let it rest then i will try running again on Weds.. Oh I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It has been so hard not to be out there.... Physically I think I did good. I was able to run the whole time and I felt good and wasnt out of breath so even though I have only ran twice in a months time physically Im still doing ok. It's just my body that went to pot after this month + of no running and no dieting with my parents here. I definently have my work cut out for me...

So here's to a new start. Praying everything goes smoothly. It felt so good to get out and run again.

Total miles 3.59 1 mile warm up 15 mins... 2.59 run 25 min

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Waiting

Well i still havn't been able to do much running.. I tried running back on the 17th and still my leg wasnt doing to hot and then i tried it again while I was at the cayman island it felt pretty good running but by that night i could hardly walk. I give up... I dont think this is a shin splint or if it is it is really taking a long long time to heal. I am getting so frustrated. I so want to be back out there running. My body really misses the feeling, and the uphoria of it.. I have been biking though.. My dad has been visiting and he is a big biker so we have been pedaling it and he has been kicking my butt at it.. It has been good for me.. Although I hate to have my dad show me up...I meet with the Dr. again on the 22nd and hope to come up with some more awnsers to this leg problem. I dont know how much longer i can take of not being able to run.. My body has lost its stamina and iv started putting the pounds back on.. Of course it didnt help being off the diet while my parents have been visiting. Hopefully I'll get back on my routines and hopefully soon I will be able to start running again..