Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Hate Humidity

Man these last 2 weeks it has been raining off and on every day. It has been so humid here.. The humidity makes it feel like 5-10 degrees warmer.. Luckily it has been only in the mid 70's to mid 80's... But definently too hot to run in.. It has really been affecting my energy..

Mon. 27th

2.50 Miles.. I dont know if it was because I ran first thing in the morning and so I did not stretch per reccomendations from running book or just what exactly but I felt so stiff and sore and it was really hard to run today.. Goal was to run 2 miles at 10:14 my average pace was 9:53 so that was good..

Weds. 29th

Tempo run Goal 5 miles 3 miles at 8:40 Did lower body weights before running while waiting for breakfast to digest. I knew this one was going to be hard.. the last tempo run like this one I did on treadmill was brutal.. Did really well for the first 2 1/2 miles of speed run then pooped out and had to stop and catch breath for a min then started back up and was able to get close to goal.. The last mile of speed run I had slowed down quite a bit I was ranging from 8:45 to 9:15 speed so I figured I wouldnt do as good on this one.. Plugged data in and 1st mile of speed run my average pace was 8.23 2nd mile was 8.40 and 3rd mile was 8.49 so only 9 secs off goal so I was pretty surprised.. I knew the first mile would be good because when I started out my paces were around mid 7 to 8 min so I could actually slow down a bit.. By the second mile I was slowing down quite a bit. I was actually falling below goal and was having to speed up I think thats why I got so winded and had to stop for a breather.. thank heavens it gives you an average pace for the mile.. All in all I think I did quite well...

I felt much better on todays run.. I think the lifting weight helped loosen me up quite a bit.. I only had tight lower leg and ankle on the bad leg for about a mile and a half then it loosened up really good.. Even my knee was not as bad.. I even ran without the knee strap so I was quite happy that it didnt feel worse.. Once I stoped though my shin started tightening up and had to keep stretching it out and icing it and the knee. I am not sure why but that leg for some reason is more tighter then the other one and has always been that way.. My hamstring is way tight in that leg and I think that is what is causing the shin splints in this leg.. I can tell the muscles are alot weaker in my hams and especially that leg.. If I can just get it to loosen up I think that would help my shin splints alot.. I really try to stretch that leg extra good but still cant seem to get it to loosen as much as the other leg.. Any suggestions?? Finished the morning with upper body weights...

All in all a good run...

Ok so all these people say they run to loose weight but it obviously isnt working for me.. I run but still havnt lost a pound.. So I have started to watch my calories and I am trying to reduce my calorie intake by 500 a day.. Can I just say I really hate counting calories... On the days I run I dont have to much of a problem but the days I dont run I dont make the calorie goal.. I guess I am going to have to do some form of excercise everyday to be able to stick with this cal reduction.. I still havnt been able to figure it all out with what to eat after and before my runs.. Like today I lifted weights and ran so I burned double the calories and I must have not ate the right foods or amounts afterwords because all day I have just felt tired and sluggish like I needed to eat something or needed some kind of energy rush.. but nothing I ate seemed to provide that for me.. I felt the same way on the days I do my long runs.. Any helpful tips on eating and trying to loose weight while running?

Friday 31st

Long run today.. 7.67 miles
Even though I didnt get out until 12:30 in the afternoon it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.. It was around 74 degrees when I left but there was no humidity and that made a world of diffrence.. It took almost the whole run for my leg to finally loosen up and not hurt but the last mile or two I didnt feel it at all which was nice.. It took long enough.. But also the last mile or two my knee started hurting a little more so that was a bummer.. But at least through most of the run it did pretty well.. I figured I better do my long run today because tomorrow I dont think I will be up to it..

Tomorrow I am taking the physical agility test to become a firefighter/EMT It is a pretty hard test.. I dont think I would have a problem with the test if it wasnt for the fact that they time you so that makes it pretty hard.. The one I think I will struggel most with is dragging a 120 pound dummy 15 feet then up a flight of stairs then back down the stairs and another 15 feet to the target.. I went up to the firestation to have a friend who is currently a firefighter give me some tips and show me what they will be doing and just with practicing carrying the dummy 100 feet was hard.. My hams were so tight and sore after it and that wasnt even going up and down any stairs.... I worry about carrying all that weight and doing the stairs with my bad knee... should be interesting..... I am pretty nervous..


Julia said...

I hear that a LOT of people put on lbs when training, and I have put on lbs myself. at first I was freaking out, but then I got my body fat tested, and it has dropped by a lot. It still is hard to look at the numbers going up on the scale, but knowing that the muscles I am gaining are making me a better runner kind of makes me feel better. So you might be getting leaner and stronger too. Also, I'm doing a giveaway for a sports nutrition book on my blog, come check it out!