Saturday, July 18, 2009

Half Training..

So this week I decided to start training for a half Marathon that I am still contemplating on doing in Sept.. Still havn't made up my mind.. Anyways for this first week I was supposed to do an easy run of 2 miles on mon. A tempo run of 5 miles on weds and A long run on Sat.

I was only supposed to go 2 miles but after all this time of doing more miles it was hard to stick with just 2 miles. I was pretty close at 2.76 It was hard not to keep going but I really wanted to stay fairly close to the training plan I got off

This was probably one of the hardest runs I have ever done.. I had never done a tempo run before so I knew this would be a little challenging.. I was supposed to do 5 total miles with 1 mile warm up 1 mile cool down and 3 miles at 8:40 I decided to do it on the treadmill so I wouldnt have to keep stopping and try and look at the pedometer.. I figured it would be easier.. I failed the first mile at tempo I was off by like .16 of a mile and I thought I was running pretty fast so by mile 3 I stepped it up quite a bit but still didnt make it. I was off by .5 so pretty close but I was so tired by this point I had to step off the treadmill to catch my breath before jumping back on to do mile 4 I was able to get about half way and then I had to slow it down I was dying but I was able to speed it up towards the end and came pretty close again I was off my just a couple of points. It was hard to do a whole mile for cool down I usually only speed walk like .25 miles when I normally run so it was hard to do a whole mile I slow runned for about .7 miles then walked the rest.. This was a way hard run for me.. My legs were screaming by the time I was done.. My knee was really acting up.. It actually started really hurting when I slowed down to walk. It felt better to run go figure..

Ok I was pretty dumb today. I did full body weights and my kick max dvd then went out and shoveled and hauled and spread mulch in my yard for 4-5 hrs.. As if it wasnt bad enough to do the weights then the kickmax dvd, but I didnt get a chance to do the weights earlier in the week so I really wanted to do them... I was so wasted by the time I finished in my yard I was ready to pass out and my whole body just hurt.. I didnt know how on earth I was going to do my long run the next morning.

Not as sore as I thought I would be but still pretty sore.. Decided to stick with my sched and do my long run.. Was supposed to do 6 miles at 10:14 My first mile by my pedometer it said I was right on but according to the trail markings it said I was off by 15 secs so I dont know which one was more accurate.. I headed off on trails that had no mileage postings from then on so I just went off my pedometer. All my remaining miles said I was somewhere in the 9 1/2 to 10 min range which was pretty good.. I ended up going a little farther then I should have but on the last couple long runs I have been averaging in the 7-8 mile range so I really didnt want to decrease when the whole idea is to increase my mileage so I went 7.43 today.. A little bit of probs with knee starting around mile 5 but leg did really well today.. I wish I could get a pain free run with my knee but just dont think it will ever happen.. All in all a pretty good run.. But tonight I am so sore I can hardly move.. I think all the sore muscles has finally kicked in and I am really feeling it.. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day and monday is an easy run..


Jen said...

Good for you! I'm sorry your knee is still giving you problems but it sounds like that's just what's going to happen. I'm glad you're gonna do a half marathon. You'll be so glad you did it!

Michael said...

Great report. I can relate to injuries! Don't worry too much about the training schedule and times. Consider intensity over speed. In other words go as fast as your body can comfortably maintain for the duration of the run. Punch it up as you gain endurance, but pull back when you experience pain. Pain is not part of any successful running program. Keep it up and good luck on that training. Mike

Julia said...

I know what you mean about the short runs; it somehow doesn't feel "enough", but so important to let the body rest :)
Good job on the tempo run; they are tough! It doesn't matter if you don't get the time exactly right; your body is workin hard!
Have a nice rest day :)