Thursday, July 9, 2009

Outside speed intervals

Weds- rest

Today (Thursday) I decided to work on speed intervals again but this time I took it outside.. It was a beautiful day.. Started out a little later then I wanted but didnt sleep well last night so coudnt quite make it out of bed at 6:30 so headed out about 8:45 It was quite a bit harder doing it outside because I couldnt control my speed or the hills.. I was probably running harder and faster today then when I did it on the treadmill judging by my breathing and feeling like I was wiped out.. I really had to concentrate on the 2 mins of recovery trying to get my pace slowed way down so I could catch my breath.. The 4 mins of faster running was the longest 4 mins. I think thats part of my prob running outside is I tend to run just a bit faster then I do on the treadmill so I had to really force myself to a real slow jog... And of course the hills didnt help.. Luckily there isnt to many on my route.. I walked most of them in the beginning for my warm up and my first interval had 1 but I had pretty good energy for that one but my 3rd interval had one as well and it slowed me down a bit thankfully it was a short one..

I know I was running faster because I got almost a whole nother mile more on this speed workout then I did on my one on the treadmill last week in the exact same time which i think is pretty amazing unless my pedometer calculations or the treadmill calculations are off.. I got in 4.66 Miles in 45 min 46 secs

My knees did really great today and my shin only twinged a little right at first and then felt great after that so that was a relief.. Other then feeling really pooped when I finished I felt really good..

There is a half Marathon coming up in september I am thinking of doing.. I am a little hesitant.. Not knowing the area and never running one before makes me a little scared. I wish I knew someone who was going to do it or had a running partner to kinda show me the way so to speak.. guess I will have to think about it some more.. It would be a great accomplishment if I did.. OK people I need some encouragement!!


Michael said...

Do it! Half marathons are way better than full marathons... just think, half the distance and twice the fun! Happy to see your training is going well. I'm not partial to speed work either, but it sure pays off. Keep at 'er. Mike