Monday, July 27, 2009

New Shoes

Went for my light run today.. Training sched said 2 miles at 10:14 Actually went 2.9 I think I was good with my pace.. I decided to lift weights before my run because my running book said you should lift before runs.. So I gave it a try.. My legs and body felt really strong on the run which felt really good but I felt kinda pooped though.. I didn't have the energy.. I think my feeling sluggish was also all the junk food I ate the night before.. Sunday's we usually piece all day on junk food.. I'm sure that didn't help.. Other then that a pretty good run..

Got my new Garmin Forerunner 305. I was so excited to use it.. I spent tues night trying to get it all set up and learn the ropes of it for todays run.. I followed some hints from Julia's blog. She recently has gotten one too and was trying to figure some things out and got some good advice so I tapped into it as well.. Apparently the alerts dont work on the interval workouts which was what I was doing today so that didnt help me out with my pace and on the interval workouts it doesnt even show your pace all it does is show the time and your remaining miles. So that kinda bummed me not to be able to watch my pace but it ended up working out to my benefit.. I just concentrated on my effort. I was to run 2 1600's in 8:11 with 800 jogs in between. When I got home and plugged the garmin into the computer to download the data I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was faster then my goal was.. My first speed lap was done at a 7:59 pace and my second lap was done at an 8:05 pace so I was really pleased with that.. I had a great run overall and felt pretty good.. Although it was hard it wasnt as bad as my first tempo run on the treadmill.. I think the calabarations on the treadmill were off because I dont feel that I was running that hard out side.. Got my 5 miles reccomended run in..

Only got in 3/4 of my kickmax dvd in.. Had to many phonecalls and then the fridge repair guy showed up so couldnt finish it.. plus my energy level was way down anyways.

Long run today.. training sched reccomended 6 at 10:14 I programmed in under quick workouts a 7.5 mile run at 10 :14 This time it did show my current running pace then about every so often it would show an average running pace.. It still didnt seem to beep or alert me though when I was below or above my goal and I am not sure why.. I set it up to I am pretty sure the right way but i dont know..I constantly watched my pace through out the run and saw that I was always running a little faster then I should be according to the current pace shown I was always around the low to mid 9 min pace so I had to keep forcing myself to slow down to try and stay in the high 9 to low 10 pace.. It was a fairly easy run today.. It was a bit on the warm side today though.. I got out way to late it was pouring rain when I was originally going to go so I waited and didnt get out until around noon and it was around 78-80 degrees but with the humidity it felt like 90 it really zapped the energy out of me quick.. I noticed by my last 2-3 miles I was slowing down alot and didnt have to hard a time keeping it in the 10 min range.. There was even some times I fell below my goal pace and had to force myself to speed up.. Plus by mile 5 my knee started hurting a little more.. I didnt quite get my route just right.. I went the same way I always do for my long runs that I have been wearing my pedometer with and using the garmin today I came in short by quite a bit.. My pedometer showed usually around 7.4-7.7 but the garmin showed 6.85 miles today.. So that tells me my pedometer was a bit off.. I was a little dissapointed not to get in the mileage I wanted but I was so tired and hot today that I dont think I could have gotten much farther anyways.. It's amazing what temps can do to your runs.. I remember the first long run I did this year which was only a few weeks ago I got out early in the morning and it was nice and cool and I felt so great and felt like I could have done a half with no problem but today I know I could have never done one.. The heat really drains it out of you..

I went and got new shoes today.. I thought maybe my knee and shin probs could be due to my shoes (even though I have had them all along LOL) so I invested in a new pair.. I had somewhere around 4-500 on my current pair so it was probably time anyways.. I got some Brooks Glycerins..I like the purple shown but because I have such big feet all they had was blue in my size.. I am excited to wear them on Mondays run and see how they do.. I also got some energy beans and some gu gel to try out and see how they do on my longer runs.. I worry because I have heard to many scarry stories on the gels and stomach probs, and there isnt really any bathrooms or water around on my long runs so I am going to have to figure something out..
Any suggestions?


Jen said...

I wish you lived closer and could come and show me how to program my Garmin. I've had it over a year and just won't take the time to figure it all out.
Good luck with the Gu and beans. I think it's just experimentation to see what works with you. My only advice would be to make sure and drink the right amount of water with it and don't drink it with sports drinks. They don't mix well. Great job on the training. You're a speed demon!

Michael said...

Silly question, but is it possible you have your tone off on the Garmin? To check do this: toggle to settings> general>system>tones. If it shows "off" then simply toggle to "key and message" or just "message". Hope this helps. I can relate to running in the heat... just came off a 12 miler and it was stinko-hot. Mike

Julia said...

Sounds like a kick booty week of training! Thanks for the shoutout, and thank you so much for your kind words earlier; they cheered me up :)
The Garmin is so much fun; I'm honestly still trying to figure it all out to get the most out of this little device. I haven't yet tried downloading my workouts IN to the Garmin; but I think it'll be awesome for intervals/repeats.
I liked the sports beans, but not so much the gels. It didn't make me need the restroom, but it did make me yak... ew gross sorry. But you never know until you try! I think maybe take half a gu/gel to begin with?