Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tearing Up The Sand

More catch up... So on Thursday i went and played some beach volleyball for 2 1/2 hrs.. I dont think that was such a wise decision.. It really tore up my knee's and aggravated my shin leg problem.. I wasn't too happy with that.. Even my feet muscles were sore.. Crazy!!

Friday-- Attempted to do my kickmax dvd but about 15 mins into it the power went out so there went that and I had family coming in that day so I had way to much to do so I ended up doing squat..

Saturday-- got up to do my long run but still felt to sore in my leg and knees and thought it would not be good to start a run already hurting so again nothing..

Monday 6th--- Feeling a little better but still sore.
Went running anyways.. Leg felt good after the first mile or so but the knee continued to feel bad.. I got in I am guessing 4.45 miles.. I mapped it on map my run and it says 4.25 but I ran it with my new pedometer last week and the same distance said 4.49 and today (going the exact route) I accidentally switched to to km instead of miles and when I calculated it out it said like 3. something which wasn't right. So I am going with what the pedometer said the first time..

Tues 7th---- Kickmax dvd.. Almost made it through all the exercises.. Still cant get through all the lunge switch jump thingys.. Those really kill my legs.. Knee's and leg is still hurting but I dont want to not run either so I am not sure what to do.. I just dont want to have a repeat of last summer with my leg but it's so hard not to do anything.. This is so frustrating.. I would like to know exactly what it is and why it's happening.. Guess I will just watch it..


Julia said...

Sorry to hear about your knees! When my knees hurt I try to get my cardio in by doing the elliptical, step machine, or swimming. I find that swimming is especially nice since you don't have to deal with gravity. But congrats on a great week of workouts!

Jen said...

I bet it was just the sand workout that aggravated it. Give it a bit and I bet you'll be back to normal. Good luck. I still haven't tried the DVD yet. I plan on it tomorrow. I'm a little scared after all your reviews.