Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mid week review

Increased pushups to 15, crunches still at 100 and added 50 oblique crunches and 25 dips.

Monday 29th 4.49 miles..

Tues off

Decided to do interval work on the treadmill.. As much as I hate running on the treadmill I think its the easiest way right now to do speed intervals because you can be in control of your speed.. And because I was so focused on the intervals it made the time go by pretty fast and wasnt so boring.. I hope I did them right.. If anyone has any diffrent ideas or has advice please share.. this is what I did.. Got on and speed walked for a warm up for about 7 min around .4 miles at around 3.8 speed then increased to a slow run at 4.2 speed for 2 minutes then increased to 6.0 speed for 4 mins then repeated this 3 times on the 4th and 5th interval I increased to 6.2 speed for the fast run and then just for fun on the 5th iterval after the 4 mins i ran 1 min at 6.8 and 2 mins at 7.0 then dropped down to 4.2 for my 2 mins then dropped to 3.8 speed for a 2 min cool down.. Took about 45 min and gave me 3.9 Miles I was pretty pooped by the time I was done but it felt really great.. It was a good workout for being on the treadmill..