Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Contest Giveaway

Check out my friend Julia's blog for her great giveaway of a nutrition book for athlete's.. Super cool.. I need this so bad.. I have really been struggeling with what to eat and how much and when so this would be the perfect gift to win for me. Good luck everyone!!1

Well I took the Physical agility test on Sat and failed horribly.. Not only did I fail but I injured myself as well.. AAARGGH so frustrating.. So those of you who follow this.. I was testing to become a firefighter/EMT and one of the hardest points of the test is the rescue excercise where you have to pick up and carry or drag this 120 pound burlap dummy 50 feet then up 2 flights of stairs turn around then come back down and go back the 50 feet and put the dummy back down in the starting spot all in like 2 mins.. Also you have a 60 pound air tank strapped to your back with this square plastic thing on the front of your chest and a firemans hat on so all together about 180 pounds of weight on your body that you are trying to get up and down some stairs.. It was so very hard.. I had practiced a few days before but I didnt have the air tank on and that made a huge diffrence.. I tried to do the carry under the dummys arm hold and go backwards up the stairs.. My tank kept hitting the stair case and knocking me over and I was falling back on the stairs and trying to drag myself with the dummy up backwards and I just couldnt do it.. you get 2 chances and the second time I tried dragging it by the legs and did better but still did not finish in the time allotted.. I needed about 50 more seconds..

In the process I ended up pulling all the muscles in my lower back, scraping my arms up and scraping my ankles up on the metal stairs causing them to go black and blue.. See pictures on my other blog..I couldnt even walk by the time I got home and have spent the last 3 days pretty much on bed rest.. today I can walk and it seems to be improving but I definently cant run this week.. I think I will try and see what thursday or friday brings and see if I can do a light run or at least the elliptical... So there goes a whole week of training down the tube.. I'm so bummed but it must have not been meant to be at this time.. I may try again at the next test in November...