Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Running..

Mon aug 10th

Increased my mileage for this day.. 4.01 miles in 10:08 Had no problem with the pace in fact avg pace was 9:33 I actually had some times where I broke into the high 7 mile pace.. I was excited about that.. I knew this week would be hard for my sched because of going on vacation..

Dissapointed.. went outside in Fort Madison Illinoise to run and couldnt find any roads except the freeway to run on so only did a mile then went and finished up the rest of my run in the hotel excercise room which sucked.. The room was like 85 degrees they offered no towels no water nothing.. Their treadmill sucked.. I was wanting to do intervals today but didnt work out to well.. Got in 2-3 reps of 5 mins going around 7.6 in speed with 3 min rests in between but ended up running out of steam to fast and had to cut back alot and ended up doing more of a mild tempo run instead.. Was going to do 5 miles but only ended up with 4.6 and couldnt do anymore..Wasn't the best idea to do this type of run then go spend all day walking around in Nauvoo in 90 degree humid weather.. I had a hard time today.. Over did it I think!

Had a great bike ride with my dad today.. We figured we went somewhere between 12-15 Miles.

Couldn't get my long run in on Sat because of traveling all day back home. I hate getting off my schedule but there was nothing I could do about it..