Monday, August 10, 2009


Well I was feeling healed enough to attempt running by the end of the week, so on Thursday I got on the Elliptical so there wouldn't be any jarring and did really well. I got in 6 miles.

Friday- Went on easy run just to make sure the jarring didn't cause any problems and did fine.. got in 4.84 miles with a avg pace of 9.18 I even was able to get part of the time in the high 7 min range so that was good.. I think that was the first time I have broke into the 7 min range and it didn't even feel like I was trying that hard so that made me feel good.. Did full body weights today being careful with back.

It had been pouring rain all day so I really wasn't planning on doing my long run today plus I was a bit sore from doing weights Fri. but around 4:00 it stopped so I decided to get my butt out there while it had the chance and get it done.. It was pretty humid but there was a bit of a breeze which helped and was a little bit cooler in temp which helped make it tolerable.. Right as I was heading out the door we had decided we were going to go see the new harry potter movie so I was limited in my time.. Only got in 6.44 miles with avg pace around 9.32 I have noticed that I have been doing better in my paces lately.. I was supposed to stay at a pace of 10:14 for my long runs but I kept it easy and comfortable and managed to stay in the 8-9 min range so that is good. I still struggle just a little with my tempo runs.. Hopefully they will come... I registered finally for the half so now I'm stuck.. I have to commit.. Hopefully I will stick with it and be ready.. I am going to re test for the physical agility test in October (I know call me crazy) so this time I am going to get together with another girl who is doing it and a firefighter and we are going to practice the dummy rescue thing.. I just pray that during these practices I don't strain my back again before the test.. I am really going to have to focus on my strength training and get my back stronger.. Anybody have some great exercises or weight lifting moves to strengthen the lower back?? Oh ya and I finally lost my middle toe's nail that has been black for the last 2 months. Now if my baby toes nail on my other foot wood just come off....

Monday 10th
Got in 4 miles today.. goal was 4 in 10:08 My avg pace was 9:33 so happy about that.. It was so hot and humid today it about killed me. I was wet before I even got out my driveway.. We have been having such crazy storms here leaving us wet and humid and hot. It is so hard to run when its so humid it just sucks the life out of ya... Of course I was reflecting back on last years running and I swear that I was running in the 8 min range miles but that was just trying to figure it out by map my run and my watch.. Didn't have any fancy GPS gadgets like I have now so maybe my mileage or timing was off.. I don't know just seems like I am not running quite as fast.. Hope that changes..

We are heading for Illinois for vacation tomorrow so I am hoping I will still find the time to get out and run and keep up with my training while on vacation.. These next few weeks will be hard because my parents will be here and we will be traveling around the state and sight seeing, so its always a little harder sticking with the exercising when they are here.. But I just have to stay with it so I don't loose what I have gained so far.. I really want to be ready for the half and I don't feel any where near ready right now.. I am not sure I could do a half right now.. I am not doing it for any kind of record although there is that competitive side to me but I just want to be able to finish it with running the whole way and to be able to say I did it..

Here's to successful training.