Monday, August 17, 2009

I am so sick of injury's

Mon Aug 17th

Did long run today since didnt get the chance to do it on Sat.. I hate running first thing in the morning because it takes so long to get my body warmed up so for the first 2 miles my body hurts and feels stiff.. I pulled my inner top thigh muscle almost where it goes into the hip flexor last week doing to much weight.. Ever since then my legs have been sore.. And the running has aggrevated it more.. Hope it heals quickly.. Got in 8 miles with avg pace of 9.58 which was better then I thought.. I was constantly watching my garmin which I really didnt want to do but I couldnt help it and I was constantly dropping below the goal pace in the mid to high 10 min range and it didnt even seem like I had changed my pace but I guess I did.. But then there were times I was in the 8 min range so I guess it averages out. So that was good... My highest mileage so far..... But Today I was really tired and sore and my knee started hurting around mile 6 and really nagged me all the rest of the way. I barely made it today.. I def dont think I could have done a half today.. And I got 3 diffrent huge blisters on my toes.. Ouch!! Hope weds running goes better.. I am going to skip the easy run and try the scheduled tempo run to get me back on track.. I was supposed to have an easier week last week with less mileage but I somehow forgot about that. I was supposed to do an easy 3 miler on Sat so I dont feel to bad about getting my long run in.. I should have just sticked with the sched for today and did a light run so I guess I will do the easy run on Sat instead since I did my long run today and stick with the speed work for weds.. That should put me back on track..

Wow have I confused you yet??

Tues 18th-
13 Mile bike ride according to map my run.. Felt a bit longer then that but I didnt have an accurate way of measuring until I get the cadence for the forerunner so had to use the map my run website..

Aug 19th
Goal was to do 7 miles 3x1600's at 8:06 pace.. with 800 jogs in between.. I knew that I wasnt going to be able to do it that is pretty fast for me.. I was still hurting up in my leg from lifting weights the week before and mondays long run really aggrevated it.. I am definently not the smartest person. I thought I could go do my speed work today and maybe the pain would work itself out.. My dad came along on his bike.. It was great having the companionship.. It made it go alot faster but it also hindered me alittle in the fact that when I was really hurting I should have stopped but I didnt want him to have to wait for me so I kept running with the pain and now I am really paying for it..
The good thing was for the first 2 miles of speed work I hit my goal which really surprised me.. The first mile I got in at 7:31 and the second mile was at 8:00 pace so that made me really happy but by the 3rd mile I was really starting to hurt and I had to slow down considerably and did that mile in 8:51 then the last 2 miles of easy run I dropped clear down into the 12 min mile pace and walked the last .25 mile well actually limped home. I was having alot of pain in my hip and thigh and down into my groin. I tried doing some rolling and an ice bath which was painful in itself but didnt help too much I have been limping on it eversince and because of the limping it is starting to cause pains in other areas... What a mess!!! I ended up pulling my muscle that goes from the outer hip across the front hip flexor into the groin and down the inner leg.. I have never experienced anything like this.. It hurts so bad.. I have actually had to resort to using crutches or a cane.. I went and saw a chiropractor lastnight hoping he could help get me lined back up and he said I was a mess.. Just what I wanted to hear.. I have alot of muscle tightness everywhere and said I needed some work on that so I guess I need to go find a massage therapist.. Plus I have a very mild case of spinal bifida which is why I have a weak lower back and have always struggeled with it.. So I am not sure how long I will have to take off from running to heal but I am hoping its not too long since my half is only 4 weeks away..

Aaaghhh this is so frustrating... If its not one thing its another.. Knee's, shin and now this...


Mel said...

I know what you mean about the injuries! I've been battling for several months. Good luck to you:)