Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kick Max

Today I decided to do my kick max dvd and holy crap I am outta shape.. It's been about 2 years since I did it last and I am totally exhausted.. Physically as far as my stamina or endurance goes I was able to keep up with it due to my running but when it came to the leg workouts it about did me in.. There were a couple of the bursts that I pooped out on becuase my legs were cramping so bad and were pooping out on me.. Wow talk about a killer workout.. I used to do it every so often when I was teaching aerobics at a local church for some women in the area and I was in pretty good shape but since we moved out of state and I no longer have that I have really gone to pot.. I can definently tell now that I am going to have a hard time even walking tomorrow.. I am hoping that if I keep up with doing this once or twice a week in between my running I'll get back in shape in no time.. I have really missed getting out there and running like I was at this time last year.. Hopefully as soon as school gets out here I can start going outside and running the trails around here. That is if my knee's will cooperate.. I have really been hurting lately.. I started back up with the celebrex so hopefully that will help..


Jen said...

Wow, sounds like a good workout! I hope your knees do well because the trails around your house sound so nice. I'm glad you like where you live. It looks like a dream!