Monday, June 22, 2009


I really need to get up earlier and run.. Lately by the time I get around to running after my kids swimming lessons it somewhere between noon and 1:00 so in the heat of the day Not good!! It was about 75 when I left so nothing too terrible but with the humidity it felt more like 90.. I thought I left all the humidity back in jersey but I should have known that with all the lakes and ponds out here that the humidity would be bad here too... Since running out here I have experienced more hills instead of nice flat roads.. It's been challenging and its really killing my knees especially going down them.. I hope to get better at it.. I can feel my legs starting to get stronger again so that is good.. I started to increase my mileage a bit.. I am planning to kick it up to 4 by next week.. we bought a golds gym xr 45 strength training weight machine over the weekend and I cant wait to get it set up and start using it.. Finally I have something that can build my legs up.. It has a pully system for your legs so I can do all the exercises my P.T had me doing for my knees so that will be great..
Today I set another goal.. Of course I keep setting new goals and end up not sticking with them but I really hope to stick with it this time.. Besides running 3.62 miles today I did 10 pushups , 100 crunches and 25 dips.. I want to do these everyday well at least 5-6 days anyways despite whatever else I do so I guess we will see..


Jen said...

Running in the heat is NO fun! But getting up early isn't either. Guess you have to pick the lesser of two evils.