Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch up

I havnt been doing very good on getting on here and posting.

Last week

Tues- 3.11 miles
Thurs- Kick max
Fri- 3.11

This week

Weds-Kick Max

Can I just say for any of you runners who really want a good cross training workout you should try kick max.. Oh my gosh it will lick your butt.. It is a awesome full body workout.. And it's a killer on your legs.. It really strengthens and tones them.. I have never sweat like I have doing this dvd.. There are parts of the leg excercises (jumping squats, lunges and curls) that I cant keep up with and do all the reps they do because the burning and pain is so intense. I was still sore today from last weeks workout.. It really works the hip flexors, butt, quads, calves and hams.. It totally kills me... But now after doing it 3-4 times I am getting a little more endurance with it.. Hopefully soon I will be able to stay with it and do all the reps and exercises... This is such a great workout for runners it really helps with building and strenthening your whole body.. I would highly reccomend it.. If any of you are interested I have a dvd that I will burn for you and let you try it out if you want to pay for the shipping and cost of the dvd..

Wow now that I did all this promoting for their dvd I think they should pay me something.. LOL
Anyways thats been my 2 weeks so far.. I am hoping to get out running tomorrow.. Today it has just down poured all day.. I have never seen it rain so hard.. But tomorrow is supposed to be dry hopefully so I am gonna try and get a run in if I am not to sore from today..

Thursday the 18th 3.60 miles Ran the pollyann trail today.. Ran some hills drn near killed me but felt pretty good after run was over..


Jen said...

I am totally interested in trying that DVD. Let me know what the cost is and I'll do it!