Monday, May 10, 2010

Mon 10th

Feeling really sluggish today.. I dont know if it's because its monday or all the crap I ate over the weekend but just didnt have it today.. Forced myself to go though cuz I knew I would feel better about myself once I did, but I really struggled today.. I decided to work on distance today.. Walded a half mile then started running.. Felt like I was running in place.. I didnt get much out of the 10 min pace but that was ok since I was just concentrating on distance.. Occasionally I got in the 9 min pace and then sometimes I dropped in the 11 min pace...I kept saying I wll go this far then walk a little but each time I got there I was able to keep running... I pushed myself all the way to the corner of my street so that was good but about a half mile from home I really started feeling my knees hurt and my hip was hurting just a little.. I am not sure if its a little bursitis from back when I fractured it or if it was just strain not sure.. My back has been occasionally twinging on the nerve this weekend too.. not sure whats going on.. It really doesnt bother my back much to run but when I am walking around and I move just right I will feel it rub against the nerve a little.. Not sure if stretching helps or hinders it.. a little of both I think.. Got in 5.47 miles... should have maybe stuck with 5 but didnt really map out my route.. Think I will hold off and do weights tomorrow instead of today and just stick with my P.T exercises. See what the rest of the day brings..

nothing the rest of the week.. Having some minor set backs with back and knee's decided to give them a rest.. Guess the increased mileag was too much for them.. Hope to get back out there soon.