Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pushed it Today

Woo Hoo.. Today I got my farthest yet since my comeback.. I got 4.29 miles today with running 3.50 miles of it straight before my cool down speed walk.. Yeah!!! It about killed me though. I was pretty tired... I am just trying to get my lungs and body back into shape so just concentrating on my distance right now... The very last half mile I tried to pick it up a little and I was really pushing it by then because I was getting pretty tired but I did it and it felt pretty good. I could feel the burn along with the exhaustion... I about killed over when I finally stopped to a walk but I was glad to have gone that far running straight with no walking in between.. My back did really well.. My knees hurt when I was speed walking at first for a warm up but went away by the time I started running.. Go figure shouldn't that be the other way around??

Anyways I was able to come home and get the rest of my P.T done and did some weight lifting.. Feels great to be getting back into shape.. Of course it would be better if I could loose some weight..
I havn't done anything else this week because it has been cold and windy so I have procrastinated.. Last week I went running Monday and ran through something and got the worst case of hayfever I have ever had.. Went biking weds or thursday. First time out since surgery and went around 7 or so miles and thought i had done pretty good but by tha night my knees were killing me.. I have never gotten sore knees from biking before,, I must be really out of shape...

I am hoping to go again tomorrow and get better results.. Hope to start working on speed next week maybe do some intervals to help with getting my lung compacity back and distance..