Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally A time to celebrate!!

Yes!!! I am finally back from a very long, tedious, painful vacation. It's been a long time since my last post. So to give a little update.... I had surgery on my lower back after just healing from my hip stress fracture. They went in and shaved off the 2 bulging discs in my back and lifted the nerve root and cleaned up the floating debri around there. The Doctor said this was the biggest and worst bulging discs he had seen in 25 years of being a surgeon.

It has been a very slow process to heal. I seem to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.. I have finished my Physical Therapy as of last week and have been given the go ahead to start back into my fitness regimen as long as I start slow and take it easy and gradually build back up... Yeah.. I have been waiting for this day for so long... It has been a horribly depressing 8 months but now I am so excited to be back!!!

I started my first 2010 outside running adventure about 2 1/2 weeks ago.. Other then the 10 min elliptical training I have done 3 times a week at P.T I havnt done anything else. So on the 1st of April I went speed walking and did really well. I was able to get in 2.26 miles with very little discomfort. Then on the 5th I tried addidng just a little running in with my speed walking and again did in another 2 miles. then I came down with a sinus infection and couldnt do anything for a week.

On the 14th I got in 3.07 miles with walking and running mix.. I got a bit sore after this one I may have over done it or just maybe stretched wrong or something so I backed off for a few days.. It has been bothering me a little ever since so I was really quite nervous about going out today but the weather was beautiful and it was just calling me so I tried stretching really good before I left and out I went..

I walked the first half mile then ran 3/4 of a mile then walked another quarter mile then was able to run 1 1/2 miles without stopping and then finished with a .44 walk.. I was so proud of myself.. It felt so amzing to run again.. I had that burn all through my body that doesnt hurt it's just a butterfly burn that makes you feel so awesome you feel your whole body working together and burning.. It felt amazing.. I didnt want to stop but I knew I better not press my luck... I average somewhere around 10 min miles right now when I am running. Not too fast but it will come.. I am not in the best of shape after doing absolutly nothing for 8 months and have put on a bit of weight so my lungs have been fighting against me the last few times out but it's getting better each time.. I was able to come back and do my normal P.T and start a few weights. Hope I am not too sore tomorrow but I felt really good the whole time.. Maybe just a little achyness but nothing major... So a total of 3.44 miles today.

Its amazing the change in my mood after I have completed a run.. I just feel so much better.. Alot of people have told me I shouldnt go back to running but its hard to explain to them just how good it makes me feel and how much my body craves it. You just feel so much better after a run.... I hope I continue to be smart and listen to my body and gradually ease back into it.. And hopefully (knock on wood) I wont have any injurys this year and my body will cooperate with me... I am going to try and mix it up a little with biking to help give my body a rest from the pounding so hopefully this will help..

Anyways I just wanted to shout out that I am finally back and am loving it... Dr. said I probably shouldnt train for any marathons this year but maybe by fall I can sneak in a 5 or 10k.. Right now I am just running for fun and not worrying about speed or distance (well as much as I can anyways.) I still find myself constantly watching the forerunner for my speed and distance but its a hard habit to break, but I really dont care about the speed right now just as long as I can do it I am happy....
So yeah for me!!!!!