Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally a diagnosis

Yeah we have a diagnosis.. I went back to the orthopedist to review my scans to find out I do have a femoral neck stress fracture and am now confined to crutches for 1 month.. Funny thing is I have been walking on it now for 5-6 weeks. And now they expect me to have no weight bearing on it.. They say its serious in a way because if it was to break all the way through i would have to have 1 of 3 things done a total hip replacement or a big screw put into the bone or have the bone replaced.. He said for someone my age thats pretty serious cause it can cause blood restriction to my head which is very serious so they want to take pretty strict measures that I dont injur it any further... Good thing I didnt go running on it today!! Ha ha ha just kidding.. I still cant walk to well without a sleight limp and pain so I knew it was going to be a while before I could run.. He said dont plan on any physical activity for at least 2 months and then we would see.... Holy crap 2 months are you kidding me.... This is going to kill me.. It already has been horrible not getting out there to run.. My body is in withdrawls..... WAAAAAAAA

Owell at least I and the doctors know that I am not crazy when I say I still have a bit of pain and I know there is something not right... Kinda a relief to finally know....

Owell here is to being a gimp for a while and being cooped up and bitter because I cant get out and run or bike exspecially when the weather is so beautiful now and nice and cool... AAARGGGHHH WAAAAAAAA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Unbelievably Bummed!! Update on Injury

So a quick update from my last post..
Wed the 19th
Still having some leg problems from my pulled muscle and being stupid I went and did my 7 mile speed run trying to still stay up with my training program for my half... Very bad idea.. I was hurting from the beginning of the run but thought maybe as it loosened up it would feel better.. Never did.. By mile 4 I was really slowing down and I think I was running with a diffent gait trying to favor my leg and I think that really screwed things up more.. By mile 6 I was barely running and had to finally stop and limp my way back home.. I was in so much pain in my hip and upper leg that I couldnt even walk. I had to use crutches for that day.. I went to a chiropractor for my back originally and he tried to help with stretching it out but it didnt seem to help much.. I was hoping that it would take just a few days and then I would feel better but that wasnt the case.. Of course I have been doing alot of walking and some biking on it as I have toured around Northern MI with my family this last month so I know that hasnt helped.. I have had to take pain killers and muscle relaxers just to make it through all the walking around we did.. I finally went in to see a Orthopedist last week who thought I might have some bursitis going on so he gave me a bursa shot in my hip..

After a couple days that seemed to help my hip quite a bit. I was finally able to walk somewhat normally with just a minor limp but my leg, groin and hip flexor area was still in pain.. I think it is finally starting to feel a little better now and I can almost walk without a limp but it seems to still really hurt when I go from a sitting position to taking that first step. It gives me a fast jolt of stabbing pain in my hip flexor area at the top of my thigh and all the way across my groin and into my inner leg. So tomorrow I am being sent to have a bone scan to check to see if I may have a stress fracture there.. It's not common to get them there but possible.. I dont really think I do but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get it checked... I think its probably just a bad pulled muscle that is taking its own sweet time to heal...

I cant believe its been 4 weeks now since I have ran.. I am so bummed.. It's like having a runner's depression. My body is just feeling horrible and out of shape.. I just long to get out and run again.. It's amazing when you can totally feel and see a diffrence when you are running and then when you take a time off... Of course since I have stopped lifting weights and running or biking I have also dropped 3 pounds which is kinda nice but shouldnt it be the other way around?? I am not sure which I like more having the stronger, leaner, bigger muscles( at least that was my goal) or wieghing less... Why cant I have both??? Waaaaaa

Anyways there went my half down the drain.. Hopefully it wont be much longer and I can get back out there and get back into a routine again.. Hopefully I will find another half somewhere I can do before the year is over.. I didnt have to much luck finding many races out here but I did hear of one in Detroit in Oct I think it was so guess we will see..

With all these injurys over my running year it almost makes me think maybe I am not meant to be a runner.. Maybe this is god's way of saying hey hello your body is not cut out for running... Then again maybe this is just my pitty party talking too....