Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally a diagnosis

Yeah we have a diagnosis.. I went back to the orthopedist to review my scans to find out I do have a femoral neck stress fracture and am now confined to crutches for 1 month.. Funny thing is I have been walking on it now for 5-6 weeks. And now they expect me to have no weight bearing on it.. They say its serious in a way because if it was to break all the way through i would have to have 1 of 3 things done a total hip replacement or a big screw put into the bone or have the bone replaced.. He said for someone my age thats pretty serious cause it can cause blood restriction to my head which is very serious so they want to take pretty strict measures that I dont injur it any further... Good thing I didnt go running on it today!! Ha ha ha just kidding.. I still cant walk to well without a sleight limp and pain so I knew it was going to be a while before I could run.. He said dont plan on any physical activity for at least 2 months and then we would see.... Holy crap 2 months are you kidding me.... This is going to kill me.. It already has been horrible not getting out there to run.. My body is in withdrawls..... WAAAAAAAA

Owell at least I and the doctors know that I am not crazy when I say I still have a bit of pain and I know there is something not right... Kinda a relief to finally know....

Owell here is to being a gimp for a while and being cooped up and bitter because I cant get out and run or bike exspecially when the weather is so beautiful now and nice and cool... AAARGGGHHH WAAAAAAAA