Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn wonderland

It was the perfect day for running today.. It was a BEAutiful day about 46 degrees nice sunny.. At first I thought it would be too cold but it was perfect. There was a nice little wind which kept me cool, a little hard to run against but it was nice.. all the tree's are changing and there were just bright red and orange leaves everywhere on the streets it was like running in an autumn wonderland. Just beautiful.. I used today as my long run. I was a bit winded in the beginning but I just kept pushing through and I finally eased into it.. I didnt evn need to stop and walk at all. I even got a couple miles at 8 mins so I was feeling pretty good.. I wasnt gliding and it wasnt exactly pain free but a really good run anyways.. My knee was bothering me some.. But it seemed if I stopped and took 2 min to stretch it really helped and that is when I would get an 8 minute mile so I think it really helped.. I wish I could have had my camera to take some picts it was amazing... I love this time of year....
Total miles 5.93 in 62 mins


Jen said...

This is my favorite time of the year and it's great to be able to appreciate it even more while running! I'm glad you're doing good! Stretching really does help!