Friday, June 11, 2010

Running and Garage Sales

So Memorial weekend threw out the back again.. Lifted 4 gallons of milk and bent down to put it under the shopping cart and that movement threw it out.. Just pulled muscles I guess.. Opposite side of the surgery side so thinking it was just weak.. So had to take a week off but got back out monday the 7th had an ok run.. Would run a mile walk a quarter then run again. Did about 3 sets of those.. The weather was absolutly perfect though.. blue skies, sunny 55 when left 62 when I got back.. Very nice... was a little sore for the next couple days then busy so got out again today the 11th.

Today was our famous yearly sub division garage sale so I ran and stopped to hit the garage sales on the way. Kill 2 birds with one stone.. It was kind of fun... Got my 4.25 miles in but with many stops along the way... my kind of running!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 24th

I think I tried to kill myself today.. not really but I went running around 11:00 this morning and it was like 76 when I left and 78 when I got back.. Went like 5.2 miles and it was way to hot!! I had to run a mile walk a mile.. I was dying.. But good news I had a good pace. Usually was in the 8-9 min pace but got very nauseated and dizzy.. Not a good idea to go so late in the morning..

May 28th

Todays run better as far as temps go.. 68 when I left 72 when got back. 4.2 miles in but I felt like a brick running in place.. Couldnt get much out of the 10-11 min pace. It was horrible.. I am wondering if it has to do with what I eat for breakfast before I go out.. I wait like 1 1/2 hrs before I go but really made me sluggish today.. There seems to be alot of controvesry on if or what you should eat before running. Think I will try something diffrent next week and see if that helps..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18th

Have been resting for the last week due to some achy knees and back.. Feeling better tuesday so decided to run that evening.. Got in 3.70 miles. Felt good most the ma through.. The last half mile I cold feel my knees start to get sore so I walked the last 1/4 mile home. I am not sure if it was because I had a week off or if I just had more energy or what but I was running faster tonight,, I even got down in the 8-9 min mile pace and I didnt even feel like I was working any harder so that was nice. Experiencing a little pain in my hip again.. not sure if it is just a little sore muscle or what so I want to be careful where I had the stress fracture before.. I seen to do pretty good if I keep my mileage under 5 miles so maybe I will have to stay here for a while.. At least its better then nothing...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mon 10th

Feeling really sluggish today.. I dont know if it's because its monday or all the crap I ate over the weekend but just didnt have it today.. Forced myself to go though cuz I knew I would feel better about myself once I did, but I really struggled today.. I decided to work on distance today.. Walded a half mile then started running.. Felt like I was running in place.. I didnt get much out of the 10 min pace but that was ok since I was just concentrating on distance.. Occasionally I got in the 9 min pace and then sometimes I dropped in the 11 min pace...I kept saying I wll go this far then walk a little but each time I got there I was able to keep running... I pushed myself all the way to the corner of my street so that was good but about a half mile from home I really started feeling my knees hurt and my hip was hurting just a little.. I am not sure if its a little bursitis from back when I fractured it or if it was just strain not sure.. My back has been occasionally twinging on the nerve this weekend too.. not sure whats going on.. It really doesnt bother my back much to run but when I am walking around and I move just right I will feel it rub against the nerve a little.. Not sure if stretching helps or hinders it.. a little of both I think.. Got in 5.47 miles... should have maybe stuck with 5 but didnt really map out my route.. Think I will hold off and do weights tomorrow instead of today and just stick with my P.T exercises. See what the rest of the day brings..

nothing the rest of the week.. Having some minor set backs with back and knee's decided to give them a rest.. Guess the increased mileag was too much for them.. Hope to get back out there soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Interval Work

Monday- distance and interval work... I didnt have the energy today and seriously thought about forgoing running today, but I knew I would feel better once I got out there so I did.. I was pretty tired ,but, but my legs seemed to carry me through. I worked on distance the first half of my run. speed walked 1/2 mile then ran for 2 1/2 miles. By then I was already pretty tired.. I stopped and speed walked to slow down my heart a little and catch my breath then decided to do some interval training. My goal was to do 2 min intervals but found out I wasnt ready for 2 mins so I did 5 1min intervals instead.. It actually felt pretty good to run fast for a min.. I got that butterfly in your stomach burn all through my body.. It felt great.. I definenlty was done after a min though there was no way I could have done more.. Maybe next week I can increase.. after the 5 intervals I went back to a slow run home to my corner of the street then walked the rest of the way.. Got in 4.7 Miles.. I even noticed my first 2 miles of running I moved into the 9-1o min pace so I am slowly starting to increase my speed so thats good.. came home and did all my P.T exercises with some light weight lifting.. A good day!!

Worked on intervals and distance today. warmed up with a slow run then did 7 intervals of faster running in 1- 1 1/2 mins to 1 min slow running. Had to stop and walk for 3-4 mins to catch breath and slow heart down and then finished the last 2 miles running comfortably and a walk the last half block home. I felt pretty good that I was able to run most the whole way.. Was hoping for a little longer in my intervals but I am sure it will come with time.. Finished with weights and P.T Did same route but got little less on mileage.. 4.65 Miles

Thurs 6th
Rode bike today 9.50 miles. Very windy today. Struggled. felt like I was going so slow. Was surprised that you dont burn as many calories biking as you do running..I would have rather ran but am trying to give my body a rest in between running days.

Fri 7th
Raining and windy outside. Did 30 min on elliptical and 15 min running on treadmill.. I swear the calibrations on the treadmill is off.. I swear as fast as I was running my distance should have been farther and the calories burned more.. Maybe you just dont notice it as much when your outside.. I dont know.. total miles was like 4.16 miles if I remember right..

slacker today.. raining and windy and didnt want to get on treadmill.