Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Ice Bath

I actually could walk today with minimal pain after my foam rolling experience. I was still sore but I was able to go running this morning. My knees and legs did really pretty well. About mile 4 I started feeling an ache in my knee and thought as the further I went the pain would increase but it never really did until the last 1/4 mile when I decided to start sprinting, then I could feel the pain on the lower outside of my knee. I figure it was my IT band. But all in all not to bad... my physical therapist was not in again today so I stayed home and did all my arm, abs and leg weights. I decided to try the foam roller again today with much apprehention.. I was so sore yesterday that I would be walking along and I would all of a sudden get a burning and pinching sensation in my IT bands where I had rolled on some knots and trigger points. I so did not want to experience the pain again but I thought if it would help my running and knee pain it was worth it. I was actually able to roll today and I even was able to get 3 sets of 10 in on all my muscle groups. I was so amazed.. I still had alot of pain with the IT bands and my lower quads but still manageable with only minor screaming this time.. I really tried to go slow and put alot of pressure on the real sore spots that had lots of knots on them to try and hopefully break them up and get rid of them...

My friend Tall Girl Running suggested after rolling this time to take an ice bath afterwards to help with any inflammation and that it would probably make me less sore tomorrow so I did and to my surprise it was not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be.. I put straight cold water in (our water is not really cold cold more like cool cold) and then hopped in and added my ice bin from the freezer. I was able to spend 20 min in there then took my hot shower.. It actually felt pretty good. As of tonight I am sore I think mainly from the weight lifting and a little sore to the touch as if my IT bands were bruised but not as bad as I was last time so hopefully it helped.. I will see how I feel tomorrow. I was so happy I was at least able to roll this time around so I know the rolling is helping and breaking up all the knots. Thanks Angie and Jen for the idea...

Total miles 6.85 in 72 mins